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How to Register

To create a Primary or Owner account login, please go to!/Registration If you receive an error or are unable to create a new login after receiving your first billing statement in the mail, please SMS text 'MEDIACOM'...

Cable and Internet outage

can someone Please tell me why we keep having outages in Benton Wisconsin. The cable and Internet has been out since 8 PM last night and the resolution time has been moved twice now it will not be up until 9:15 AM and I need the Internet to do my job...

Customer service.

I'm being billed $750 for equipment not returned. In Gulf Shores, a skinny dude in a GMC Terrain switched out the TIVOs and modem and took the old ones with him.  He said the remotes were worthless and wasn't going to bother with them.A week later, I...


I am paying for a phone line but the techs disconnected it over a year ago to improve internet speed and since then my home telephone doesn't work.I am paying an exorbitant amount for basic do I tell which TV Everywhere package I have? i...

I would like to speak to a human

Mediacom came out, found I had a dead tap to my house from the pole. It was supposed to be fixed but has been over a week. Calling customer support artificial intelligence is not at all helpful. Can I speak to a human to check on the status of my wor...

Winston by Member
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Changes to Accounts/Payments

As someone who's been around awhile and dealt with various types of account and payment set ups, the changes that were (recently, I'm assuming since it's different than last month) made are horrible. Issues:Log-In page no longer accepts E-Billing ID ...

StormFX by Trailblazer lvl7
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