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How to Register

To create a Primary or Owner account login, please go to!/Registration If you receive an error or are unable to create a new login after receiving your first billing statement in the mail, please SMS text 'MEDIACOM'...


   Why no answer mediacom? Still cannot get into my account. If you call technical support you get a foreign person that you can't understand and they look through a book for what to do. They know nothing.        Surfbroadband fiber will be at my add...


        I did register with ID an password. When I was finished it said it sent email to verify account but that email never arrived. When I try to sign in it starts to login but then it states in red "account not verified". Thank you                ...

Internet outage

My internet has been out for few days now when will you all have the lines fixed 

No 2FA text received

I did not receive a password reset link nor a 2FA code text message on my Mobile Phone. What is going on? 


I was approved for the affordable connectivity program how do I apply this to my account?

Jj by Member
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TiVo service account closed

A couple days ago, our mini said it couldn't find the main TiVo box. At the same time, the main TiVo box could be used to watch live TV, but would not record anything either through OnePass or manually. Instead of the name of the show, a message was ...

Shem by Member
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email account locked

I have tried more than 3 attempts to log into my email account.  It now looks locked.  I reset my password, but this did not resolve the issue.  I am still locked out of my email. 

r_allen by Member
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I have amnesty applied to my new account as a result of hard times several years back, and I left without paying my outstanding bill. Now I am back and have a steady income but was told that I cannot add more services like Digital home and Higher Spe...

I don't have an account owner?

I don't know who the owner is of my mediacom account.  AFAIK I'm the only person who has ever logged in, but I'm listed as just a "user", and can't see billing or statement info.  How can I get my ID promoted to owner, which is what it should be?John...

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