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Channel Line-Up

To find the channel line-up, please go to Once there, enter your ZIP code and click 'View', then select your location. On the following page click 'Complete Channel Line-up' in the upper right corner of the page and ...

Tivo Service Interrupted on Main and V113 on all minis

Hello. My main box works okay except that when you click to see the details of the show, it reads "Tivo Service Interrupted". Both minis are shut down with the V113 error (verifying network). I have done many resets and Tivo updates etc (all went fin...

HDMI Connection not permitted

I am getting this message "HDMI connection not permitted/copyright holder of this video does not allow it to be viewed on an unsecured device connected with an HDMI cable" on my Tivo. How can i fix this without a tech appointment?

XtreamTV App Feedback

Have you looked at the reviews on the XtreamTV app? They are just as bad on android. Many negative reviews are because it only says it's powered by Tivo and not that you have to have Tivo.The other issue is even if you don't have tivo, it will still ...

Missing channels on my QAM

I dont have cable boxes and am missing a few channels on my TV.? I was told it had a QAM tuner in it so I dont require a box nor do I want to pay for one!

Mediacom Tivo Requires Mediacom Internet. Why?

Why can I not cancel my Mediacom Internet and Keep My Mediacom TIVO? I have been running for 2 months now with my cable modem disconnected and have no issues with my TIvo services. but when i finally sure the new provider is  stable enough. i cant  c...

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