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Block email not just move to junk


How can I block emails completely so they stop spamming.  Email filtering just moves them to a folder.  If they are blocked and bouce back they should stop. How can you report spam, phishing and abuse?



Hello bfrank, and thank you for posting. To report spam, phishing, and abuse messages please forward a copy of the message to and we will be more than happy to review the messages. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out. 

I just tried to send a phishing email I received to and received it back saying that address doesn't exist 

Hello Mikem99.  I apologize for any issues you are having with The email filter is working as it should moving messages to a folder location and keeping them out of the inbox.  Marking incoming messages as SPAM does forward reports to multiple monitoring companies and once enough complaints are received, the email sender is blocked until the problem is resolved.  Many of these attempts are created by sites you may register to that sell the data or potential scammers.  The email address provided is an internal group with Mediacom that reviews as well to determine if Mediacom needs to institute a block.  I appreciate you providing the information regarding the bounce back you received and we will report this further to have it addressed.

I noticed that the address I entered was wrong so I sent another one and it went fine. As I typed the address in outlook it autofilled for me but somehow the first one didn't take correctly sorry for the confusion on my part