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Ever increasing prices


Why are you constantly increasing prices?

Why is TV so expensive?  


Community Manager
Community Manager

The decision to make price adjustments is always a difficult one as we know when we raise prices, we lose customers. Programming cost increases, supply chain challenges, and labor shortages experienced over the past two years have resulted in significant inflationary pressure across our business. I completely understand your frustration about the Cable TV prices and hope the below suggestions provide some reprieve:- 


  1. Downgrading a pay channel, tier, or additional box could help. 
  2. Swapping DCTs for eBoxes could save on the monthly fees. 
  3. Maybe you have a faster Internet service speed that never comes close to the usage allowance. Going to a slower speed could be an option to save money.
  4. Buying your own Gateway/Modem will save on the rental fee **If a sub purchases a personal Modem/Gateway/Modem + Router Combo, Mediacom cannot manage their personal wifi**
  5. Replace Cable TV with paid streaming options such as "Netflix", "Disney +", "Paramount +", "Hulu", and "Amazon Prime"  among many others. Mediacom does not provide nor support these options. You will have to subscribe on your own. 


I have been encouraging people to go to:-Mediacom | On Your Side – On Your Side ( and share their opinion. Join the fight against rising programming costs and unfair bundling practices. 


Over the last 3 years, the cost of my internet has increased 100%, and then some. In Dec 2019, I was paying around $70/month...this did include a $20 discount that I was to receive for 1 year. I returned some equipment and that dropped me to around $60/month. Very affordable. My cost then went up to $82/month in Dec 2020 once my one year discount expired. I still considered this affordable-ish. The cost then jumped to $103/month in Dec 2021.  Into the not-so-affordable stage. It gradually went up to around $105/month over the course of the year. In Dec 2022, it AGAIN jumped $20+ to $126. Definitely no longer affordable. And then in January 2023, it went up ANOTHER $10/month to $136. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING...?!?!!!?  

I went from paying around $60/month to paying $136/month in a 3 year span. How has the cost increased 100+% in 3 years?!? Please either refer me to someone to discuss this issue, or have someone call me. I can chat by email, text, or phone. This is beyond ridiculous. 

Thank you for posting. For this to be reviewed, we would recommend texting 66554 to speak with one of our SMS representatives. If you are not already receiving text notices from Mediacom, text "Join” to 66554 to register. Once the phone number has been verified and registered for your account, our SMS agents will be able to discuss everything in full regarding any portion of the account. If you have any other questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out.