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Games Server Problems


Hello all!

Apologies if this is not the appropriate forum to put this under.

I play many video games in my free time, and some require online connections. These connections are routed through that videogame company's servers. Some games I play that do this are EA's Madden, 2k's NBA, and IO's Hitman series. Recently, I have had major issues connecting to these games' servers and/or staying connected to them.

Being able to do this seems to go in and out, so I'm curious if anyone else has had these problems. 

I wonder if it's just weak servers by the game companies or if I should think about an internet upgrade for a smoother gaming experience.



Hello rileyltoohey, Thanks for posting about your concerns. Should you experience problems with specific game consoles you can try applying port forwarding as outlined with the settings in this article HERE. If you experience problems outside of just gaming there may be an onsite intermittent signal involved. You can usually bypass a splitter along the path of the coaxial cable from the modem to the wall to try and reduce the signal loss. If there is no improvement after bypassing the splitter or there is no splitter we may ultimately require a service call to resolve the issues you are experiencing. To schedule a service call, please log into our MobileCare Support app or SMS text us at your earliest convenience.


Hi, when I first got mediacom internet service in summer of 2018, it came with a mediacom provided cable modem. Once installed, web browsing and such worked just fine, but any game requiring an internet connection was a no-go unless I used a VPN. A VPN just made things unbearably slow. Mediacom appeared to not have any idea what caused the problem. I did go to Microcenter and purchased my own cable modem and once provisioned onto Mediacom's network, all my problems went away. It's been working very well ever since.


So I'm trying to run PlayStation remote play through my PC but it seems that this dang company is blocking something with in the software it self keeping int from working properly I want 5mps not freaking 1.2.... fix this mediacom and stop blocking PlayStation remote play or I'm by passing it 

Hello Tyler. We do not inhibit, block or restrict 3rd party services such as PlayStation remote play, so this is likely another issue. Slow speeds affecting a single service or device could potentially be a bottleneck on your network/equipment or even off network in some cases.