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Package Price Confusion


For a new customer, with Cable tv only, I would like to know the total monthly bill. I am getting different answers from different Mediacom employees/sources...this is VERY frustrating!.

The Website says the $100 "Variety TV" package includes local channels.

A phone rep told me there is a ~$25 "surcharge" for local channels that is not included in the $100 price.

Another phone rep told me there is no surcharge; the $100 price includes local channels.

An SMS rep is absolutely clueless as to whether there is, or is not, a surcharge.

Another phone rep told me they don't know, for me to order the package, then they could tell me, and for me to cancel the order if I'm not happy with the price.


How about some straight up, honest, pricing?

Does the $100 package include local channels with no additional "surprise" surcharge?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello ManyFaces. I apologize for any confusion. The local broadcast channel surcharge is a fee that represents the cost charged by local television stations such as ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC to retransmit their programming on our lineup. This varies by market as we are charged differently from the local television owners in each market. The Local Broadcast Surcharge is listed on the rate card for your location, and agents can provide you with the amount when your order is created. The rate card can be found on our website at Thank you-